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Without Long Term Care insurance, those requiring assistance for daily living will have to pay out of pocket.  This level of care is prohibitively expensive. Once personal assets are depleted and one qualifies for Medicaid or Medi-cal, often the only option left is a state facility.


There are many Long Term Care policy options with varying benefits.  Contact me to review the system and explore all Long Term Care insurance possibilities to suit you and your family’s needs.  I would be glad to help you find the right plan, and my services are at no cost to you.

Long Term Care

I strongly recommend considering Long Term Care insurance when you are in the 50-60+ age range. Proper planning will allow you to age with dignity and ensure you will be properly cared for.


This insurance guarantees your needs will be met at every stage of life while protecting your assets.     

Long Term Care insurance will provide peace of mind when planning for the future. 

This insurance can help cover the cost of assisted living, ranging from a privately run facility to full-time at-home care.

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